Day 08: The kindest thing I can do for myself is…

Day08 TheKindestThing

The actual prompt was way too long for a title: When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

As an entrepreneur, I get into these cycles of ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘I’m the sh!t!” all in the same afternoon. Between the emotional rollercoaster and the pressure to be ‘on’ all the time during work, I realized about a year ago that self-care is paramount.

How can you do your best work, when your mind and spirit are in the gutter?

You can’t. It’s that simple.

Our environment is twofold; inside our minds and outside our bodies. Both have to be maintained in order to provide a healthy space for proper decision making and the doing of great work.

So, it’s important to maintain self-care, and care of your environment. Here are a few tips to keep the chaos at bay inside and out.

10 self-care tricks

  1. Keep your desk clean and organized.
  2. Make your bed and fluff your pillows, every single day.
  3. Cook a good breakfast.
  4. Spend at least one hour in the morning away from a screen. TV included.
  5. Volunteer at the Humane Society to walk or wash dogs.
  6. Take yourself out for a coffee, watch people.
  7. Cuddle up in bed with a good book for a few hours.
  8. Vacuum and mop your floors. One of my pet peeves is walking on crumbs. Drives me straight to crazyville.
  9. Go for a walk in a park.
  10.  Take Friday off and do all the things you like best.

What are some of your self-care tips and tricks? These work for me, but I’d love to broaden my horizons and try some of yours!



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