30 Day Sugar Detox: Part 1

No more doughnuts

                No more doughnuts for me

I decided it would be utterly brilliant to go on an anti-sugar riot. 2 days in I figure, why not go total hippie and stop using soap and start drinking out of mason jars….exclusively. I own Birkenstocks, it’s legit.

I hatched this plan on the eve of a Sunday, June 14th to be precise after making a list of summer goals. Evidently I’m goal oriented now. My summer list included the following items:

1. Get Healthy
2. Spend more time with family and friends
3. Make a shitload of money (a shitload is officially 14 of something…if you wanted to know) 

What you don’t realize is that all of these things are intertwined. People whine about wanting clarity in their lives, but no amount of google docing or bitching on Facebook is going to get your ass there. It comes down to your brain, and your brain is the direct product of what you put into your body, and those choices are predicated on stress levels. Ya dig?

In an effort to fight the fog, lose a few pounds (my inner fat kid is showing) and “get healthy” I started a 30 Day Sugar Detox.

Anyone who pays attention knows that sugar sucks. In fact, there was a study that likened its effects to that of cocaine. Here’s a super boring article that explains it. I know this. You know this. Everyone knows this, but we still drink our cokes and munch on our doughnuts and cakes. I mean, the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar annually….which breaks down to 22 tablespoons of sugar a day. The recommended amount is 9 for dudes, 6 for chicks. Do the math.

So, this summer, this month specifically, is dedicated to detoxing (which my husband informs me is not an actual ‘scientific’ thing) my human Earth vessel and  “getting healthy.”

Who knows. Maybe I’ll start doing ti-chi.


PS: Here’s a fun infographic that explains what we all already know: We’re addicted to sugar.


Whatchya think?

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