Hello New Year


Thanks AMagill over at Flickr for the photo!

It’s 2014, already, where the hell did 2013 go?! In my array of disbelief I am struck by the promises that people from here to Timbuktu are making to themselves. I think new years resolutions are magical and great, actually. I’m all for self fulfillment along the lines of “ways I will become more awesome.” The part that’s a little iffy in my brain-space is that folks wait until January 1 to enact positive changes in their lives. But here I am, caught up in all the hub-hub of wanting to be a better me with a few saucy ideas that might, after a few months of painstaking attempts, make me a more awesome person.

10 Things that Might Make Me More Awesome

1) Having the balls to say “fuggit” to things that make me stressed, angry, sad or scared.
2) Doing more of what makes me smile….a lot more of it.
3) Continuing to work on learning a new language.
4) Spending more time figuring out how to be healthier while not giving up beer. (no. 2)
5) Accept who I am, and quit hoping I’ll be what I think people think I should be/am/do.
6) Explore my relationship with goal setting and follow through.
7) Figure out what I want to go back to school for, do the research and like, find funding to go. (see above item) 
8) Draw more stuff and try to be comfortable basking in the awesomeness of my own work.
9) Find a damn band.
10) Attempt a 365 challenge.

In some way or another, all of these things I have listed will challenge me in both ways I expect and ways that I wouldn’t ever see coming. That’s the glory of introspection, I think. Those unexpected nuggets of self respect one finds buried deep within. So, put on some pants, grab the emotional shovel and start digging!

You might just surprise yourself!

Rock it killa, <3 E. Fetch.


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