Hope is Dangerous.

Thanks @Alexis Nyal for the photo!

Thanks @Alexis Nyal for the photo!

In life, the concept of ‘hope’ is depicted everywhere from Disney movies to Biblical and historical anecdotes as a powerful force of freedom. To win a war, you need hope, to find true love, you need hope, to get through this or that bout of a bad ruler or two, you need hope.

This positive escapist version of hope is not how I’ve come to know it.

Maybe it’s because we’re obsessed with fear: It puts a duality on reality. For example, when you turn on 1 singular bright light in a pitch-black room the shadows are crisp and there is a very distinct line dividing light from dark.

Like that light, the hope I’ve come to know is a powerful force that points out so vividly the raging pit of unattained desires within oneself, putting a magnifying glass on all of one’s unaccomplished dreams. That kind of daily dark epiphany will suck the fight out of anyone making desperate-crazy out of what would otherwise be a pleasant someone.

That being said, I do think that desperation, a by-product of hope can change regimes and circumstances. Desperation makes people take action and want change, it makes people settle and affront their desires with ones they can imagine having. It’s not a recipe for happiness, but it’s a recipe for difference. And that, right there, that, “I guess” compromise is why hope is dangerous.

A gloomy,


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