Keeping Up With the Jones’

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

I get the feed from Daily Post in my inbox and felt this was a very appropriate topic for today, Black Friday, where at handful of people die each year from the stampede of raging shoppers…or fight. 

Materialism– I’m supposed to tell you about a luxury item that I want really bad and describe it in detail, but instead, I’m going tell you about why I don’t want luxury items instead.

Fun fact: the leather that Born uses in its boots ($100) is made by the Frye company($300). Whaaaa?

It’s stuff like that. I have a background in branding and marketing so I see what companies are doing. I’ve studied the schemes, campaigns and ideas behind getting people to well, want. The psychology behind marketeering disgusts me.

I get that America is built on capitalism, but there has to be a line. I live in SoCal and I constantly see people living waaayyy above their means to afford luxury items. The ratio between salaries and cost of living is super uneven, yet I still see folks walking around with fantastically expensive hand bags and driving expensive cars. The only thing I can think is that these people are cramming cheap, unhealthy food into their mouths and trading sleep for more hours at work to afford that fancy handbag…which I guess you could eat the bag if you had to….

What really matters in life?

I see friends and strangers trading sleep to work more hours, (even though it’s scientifically been proven that sleep deprivation makes the quality of work plummet) and good food (which also fuels your brain to do better work) for additional discretionary income used to buy luxury items. They have no time to work out and pamper their cardiovascular systems, (which also increase dopamine, btw), and instead, spend time shopping with the money that was traded for sleep and sustenance. Shopping doesn’t count as a workout, just a FYI, unless you’re a senior citizen, then walking for 3 hours totally counts and is encouraged.


[ Information about sleep depravation.
1) 10 Surprising (but not really) Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation
2) Sleep Depravation  ]

So anyway, rants aside, here’s the rub. You want more of that green magic? Take better care of your body and mind. Those two things are what will net you more money by allowing you to perhaps, get that promotion. Trading sleep and health for more hours will not.

Love you, not things. Work smarter, not harder. Sweat 3x a week.





6 responses to “Keeping Up With the Jones’

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  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about people working so hard to buy things they don’t need. I learned a long time ago that health is your most important asset and without it you have nothing. I also let my health get a bit out of control after having 3 kids in 3 years but have finally realized that I need to get back in check. So now my keeping up with the Jones’ has become keeping up with the inspirational Zumba instructors that I have come to love. I have only been 3 time but I am addicted. I found you through the daily post and look forward to reading more about your relatively simple life ;)

    • Hi! Thank you SO much for the comment! I’m glad someone else out there can relate. It’s so great you found zumba! I found it just this year too and am COMPLETELY addicted. The journey back to health can be so challenging; don’t give up! Keep on dancin’ to those excellent latin grooves!

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