Steven Colbert Roasts Lululemon’s CEO: EPIC

I had an interview with this company about 2 months ago. My feeling 5 minutes in was somewhere between wanting to gouge my eyes out and bash my face into pointy objects, a cactus perhaps.

It started out with us all getting together for circle time on the floor, which I was 100% cool with: my inner child is about 8. Then people showed up. They looked like clowns, with a magnificent amount of makeup; red lips, power that was two shades too dark, of course, dripping in lulu clothing. I had a latte and some off-brand yoga pants because I, like many, don’t make enough money right now to afford clothing from the store. That’s ok.

Then the other interviewees started talking. They supposedly were in between jobs but were decked out, each, in about 400 bucks worth of work out gear, each. Puzzled, I started thinking about how much credit card debt they must all have.

We had to bring in an item to share. Adult show-and-tell. I brought in my illustration portfolio, thinking that would be neat. Nope, they all were psyched about a green bean coffee extract & dragon fruit (which taste like poster board and cost about, oh, $8) smoothie recipe clown No. 1 brought in. One of the interviewees was pregnant. I spoke up saying that green bean coffee extract causes heart arrhythmia’s when taken even in small doses because the caffeine content is extremely high and that she probably shouldn’t indulge. [insert eye roll here]

Needless to say, I did not get hired. I did however, laugh for about a week and a half at the experience so I count that as a win.

Anyway, here’s a fantastic roast of lulu’s CEO, Chip Wilson, who is a righteous¬†asshole. I expect more from a Canadian, truly, I do.



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