Adventures in Thrifting

Getting nice clothing on the cheap has to be one of my favorite achievements in life. I thrift because I know how much of a markup retail clothing has (crooks, I tell you), because I believe in repurposing goods, because I like breaking the economic cycle and also, because I like getting more for my moolahahahahaa. One of these days I’ll start doing it for profit- allowing strangers to enjoy the spoils of my heartfelt addiction for slightly more than I did. The thrill of the hunt is SO where it’s at.

I recently started a new job. Moving from the East Coast to California rendered the majority of my wardrobe obsolete. I threw what I had for summer into a backpack and then that, into the back of my car knowing that it would not be enough for the job I didn’t have yet. Freelancing, combined with only 2 cumulative weeks of summertime left me with 2 pairs of poorly fitting jeans, a shit-load of leggings and lots of tacky (but awesome) t-shirts that I’ve been forbidden (by boyfriend dearest) to wear in public.

I fucking love that shirt.

So, on a quest for home furnishings, boyfriend and I found the best thrift store in which I’ve ever had the honor to thrift, Team Amvets.  In addition to providing top notch quality and customer service, they also have the BEST clothing in the BEST condition of any thrift store I’ve seen. And, like birthday cake, it gets better: the profits go toward helping war veterans find housing and get healthcare. My habits are helping others, it makes me feel great on so many levels, but mainly because I have a worthy excuse.

I ended up getting a whole new wardrobe for $108.04. 24 something pieces, roughly averages out to about $4.00 an item.

Here’s what I got.

(I linked to pictures of what I found online. I’ll post outfits with price totals once I get motivated.)

Express Design Studio Editor Crop | $4.00

Citizens of Humanity Naomi #65 | $4.50

Mossimo Button Down Shirt with a Ruffle | $2.00 <–boyfriend hates this shirt

City Triangles Retro 50s Dress | $8.00

Mondani bag, boring, brown and work appropriate | $3.95 (can’t find a pic, sorry!)

Another pretty dress I can’t find a picture of. It’s orange and a retro 50s halter style.

Teeze Me Orange Dress | $$4.00

White House | Black Market Sun Dress | $7.50

Express Off-White Lace Tank | $7.00

Harajuku Lovers Snowbunnies Tote | $.99

Mystery Brand Grey Sleeveless Shirt | $2.95 

7 for all Makind A Pocket Jeans | $12.00
 (about 2 sizes too big, but comfy as hell)

Moda Spana (Sz. 11..yay!) heels | $9.00
(like this, with smaller straps) 

Tokina 28mm – 70mm F Mount Lens | $4.00
(Color profiling is a little off, and it’s slightly broken…it’s my hipster lens) 

Citizens of Humanity Ingrid #002 | $1.00
(proud of this one)

Vera Bradley Wristlet | $.50

(Retail, on Sale…Counts, Right?)

4 Pairs of Leggings, Forever 21 | $3.50 ea

Forever 21 Skinnies | $7.80

Forever 21 black sweater | $3.10

2 Black Tees, Forever 21 | 3.50 ea.

Everything on this list totaled $108 and change. I’d like to shout out a big, fat Nyah Nyah Nyah Boo Boo to the yuppies that paid full price for these things, but then, I would lose my suppliers. Ye shall not chompith the shopahilic’s hand that feedeth. So, thanks yuppies, for paying hundreds of dollars for things, getting fatter or thiner, or boarder, then donating them that I may indulge in money-saving habits.

I do myself proud.

PS: Boyfriend also got a whole new chillaxin’ wardrobe, courtesy of Team Amvets for about $25.50. (2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants,4 t-shirts and something else I can’t remember.) 

Stay tuned for my next post: Ella’s 5 Rules of Thrifting





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