Thursday Thoughts and Happenings


ImageSo, I just got this sweet job with a company that fits my personality like a friggin’ glove. Guess what I’m doing? WRITING! This is me, living the fucking dream baby! The only downside is that, I don’t start for a week.

I have a lot of energy on a day to day basis, like, a lot, and, I multi task super. It was proclaimed in high school that I had ADHD. I read over the stupid “is this you” sheet/quiz thingie and was like, HOLY SHIT! That IS me. Then my rational brain kicked in and was like, wait hot minute, this is fucking generic. There are only 6 (down from 7 in the last DSM) criteria/categories that they use to identify ADHD in children, teenagers and adults. For real, here’s the link to the DSM-IV. (PS. I read psych manuals for funsies)

We’ll take number…letter..c for example. …often does not seem to listen when spoken to 


directly…who the fuck doesn’t do this?! I’m either not listening to you, A) because what thespeaker is saying just happens to be really dumb, B) I dislike your personality, thinking that, you, indeed are an idiot, C) the speaker smells bad…there are a million reasons why someone would blatantly NOT listen when spoken to, directly, mostly revolving around the word “bull shit” but that’s a different theory for a different day.

Anyway, I have a lot of energy. I go into periods of hyper-focus and multi task LIKE A BOSS. I am also very emotionally sensitive. To the psych world, that translates to, ADHD and intermittent depression, co-morbid conditions requiring the patient to take amphetamines. SAY WHAT?! Eat a big, fat dick guys. I like to do things, happily, with chutzpah. Rather than making me feel like a moron, and fry my brain with drugs, (because Adderall is a drug not a medication) the psyche world should have been like, FUCK DAMN! THAT GIRLS GOT CHUTZPAH! HAVE SOME CRAYONS! DRAW PICTURES! PICTURES ARE AAAWESSOMMEEE!!!

Positive reinforcement is always better than pumping a developing brain, mind and body full of neurological altering substances.

SO THIS GET TO THE POINT, finally, I have like, 7 days to get through before I can go annoy my new co-workers.

What to do, what to do, what to do, whut tttoooo ddddooooooo…..

So, I cooked. All day. Stay tuned, the next post is a recipe!


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