By All Means, Fight For Your Vices

I’m always amazed at how strongly people hold onto their vices. Those little…habits they know, damn well, hurt, but, out of fear, never seem to let go.

I guess the last year of my life, being what it was, (all over the fucking world, literally) has required a certain, refinement of my decision making and relationship to attachments.

The hippies say that, the root of all unrest is attachment. I’d love to call BS by throwing sausages at their stinky little vegan faces, but they’re right. Attachment to all things is the root of all stress. Humans abhor change yet, we live in a universe driven by randomness and chaos. It’s certainly an interesting thing to think about.

We turn into little goblins, achieving a richeous levels of ornariness when we try and control this chaos- attachment/expectation/want. This cannot be tamed. Stop trying. The worlds most profound and intelligent scientists are spending kajillions of dollars trying to understand this and have for centuries. Guess what, chaos and not-knowing always wins and keeping a color-coded, tabbed, alphabetically organized day runner innt gonna help.

Maybe if we had a different set of values that were more based in acceptance rather than control, us westerners would be less inclined to do harm to ourselves. For me, it gets to that essential question of life- “what’s the point?” “Why am I here?” Everyone’s definition of that is different, but I’m 99.999% sure that pain and sadness, stress, guile and living-up-to-others-expectations…ness aren’t included in the answer.

We worship a God that’s, omni-in-control-of-everything. We place value on EXTREME consistency and like measurable growth. (Who doesn’t) We micro-manage our lists, eat the same things, get stuck in the same patterns of thought. “THE WAY TO DO THINGS, according to the God, MURICA’ is to, work the same job until you die, live in the same house until you die, have the same friends until everyone dies….the fuck kind of life is that? When you take a step back from it all, our deaths seem to be worshiped more than our lives.

It’s called, “LIFE-” not, “inevitability.” 

Side-note: I once knew a guy who pooped at the same place, at the same time, in the same stall every single day. Since then, I make it a point to crap in as many different, acceptable to crap in places I can daily. 

I read a really interesting take on attachment the other day. A novelist made the bold claim that, attachment is the same as expectation. I was on a bus with 45 minutes to kill and out of lives on Candy Crush Saga, so I thought about it. Really thought about it.

Attachment, expectation, faith and belief all have one thing in common: control.  Giving it, getting it, accepting it, letting go of it, having it, seeking it, loving and hating it. We’re all obsessed with control, because we’re obsessed with expectation and attachment, myself included. But, you know what, we also live in a universe that has words for concepts like, faith and belief, the, trust that things will be just the fuck fine.

6 Things To Consider

1) Trust that your heart will guide you in the right direction in life. If your chest is warm and fuzzy, you’re entering into a state of joy. Do more of whatever inspires that.

2)Have faith that you’ve got the tools necessary to find happiness.

3) Believe that you shouldn’t have to feel pain to be successful- (which isn’t the same as the philosophical concept of hedonism btdubs)

4) There is absolutely NO glory in martyrdom

5) Oftentimes the feeling of “failure” is actually just your soul taking a cosmic dump

6) Loving yourself doesn’t make you a wuss

Enjoy- I wish you all freeing feelings of failure on this glorious Friday afternoon.


Whatchya think?

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