Dragon Fruits Suck.

So, about a year ago, my soon-to-be boyfriend bought be a dragon fruit, to impress me as it was my favorite color, magenta. I was impressed. It’s not every day a suitor presents you with fancy, exotic fruits just cause’ they’re your favorite color. I knew at that point, that he was a keeper. <kept>boyfriend</kept>

It wasn’t until the day after that I found out Dragon Fruits cost 8 bucks A PIECE and tasted like paper. So, I had all sorts of fun with it- made sure to get out 8 bucks worth.

I guess they’re really popular now. Like, the “it” fruit for antioxidants or whatever hippies are into at the moment. ┬áMy opinion, go color a piece of paper pink and eat it- it’ll taste the same and you’ll get more fiber. BUT, if you’re after nutrition, eat kale. Kale has everything you’d ever want and it’s cheap, because no one likes it.


Whatchya think?

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