Dragon Fruits Suck.

So, about a year ago, my soon-to-be boyfriend bought be a dragon fruit, to impress me as it was my favorite color, magenta. I was impressed. It’s not every day a suitor presents you with fancy, exotic fruits just cause’ they’re your favorite color. I knew at that point, that he was a keeper. <kept>boyfriend</kept>

It wasn’t until the day after that I found out Dragon Fruits cost 8 bucks A PIECE and tasted like paper. So, I had all sorts of fun with it- made sure to get out 8 bucks worth.

I guess they’re really popular now. Like, the “it” fruit for antioxidants or whatever hippies are into at the moment. ┬áMy opinion, go color a piece of paper pink and eat it- it’ll taste the same and you’ll get more fiber. BUT, if you’re after nutrition, eat kale. Kale has everything you’d ever want and it’s cheap, because no one likes it.


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