Meditating and Pooping are Quintessentially the Same Thing

I go to the bathroom when I need to work out a, :cough: complex…emotional situation. Why?Image Because you can’t shit when you’re stressed- it’s real simple. Some people choose to meditate, I choose to play Burrito Bison on the can. Whatever floats *heh* your boat.

So, while I’m there, hangin’ out, who walks in and pops a squat in the stall next to mine, but my new social media consultation client.

Great- my new boss gets to listen to me pee while clearly playing a video game.

I can handle this. I have bigger crap *heh* on my plate to think about. Like, controlling my sphincter and letting the chi flow, or how to get $600 of my dollars back that someone stole from me. Am I actually a victim of fraud?! What the fuck is an affidavit anyway? Why is this happening?!?!?!?! WHO DID THI….clear your mind and let it go so you can.




let it go so you can.


Whatchya think?

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